Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Frugal or Not???

I never really thought of myself as being frugal but in actuality I have many frugal behaviors that I have been doing for years. I definitely manage my household in somewhat of a frugal fashion. There is no shortage of things that come to my mind that relate to being frugal. In the kitchen you will probably see it the most. I have ziploc sandwich bags and right beside it- store brand foldable sandwich bags and I have trained the family to use the non ziploc bags for anything that does not really need the ziploc, the fruit for school, the cookie and even a slice of cake. They are doing pretty well, I must say. Look around my kitchen and you will discover a shopping bag or two on the doorknob where I put all the big, bulky and dry trash. That has literally saved me hundreds of Glad garbage bags over the years. My washing machine will always be running a full size load although I am not at all frugal with the detergent. I tend to spill a bit more in when the load really needs to get clean, if you know what I mean.

I sometimes wonder am I the only one doing these frugal or weird behaviors or am I part of this group I have never met of the most frugal people out there. I probably am part of that "group" and will very much be for a long time. What do you think?

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Roxanne said...

I too am trying to train BF to use another bag for dry trash,but it isn't working very well.He doesn't 'get it',but then complains that we don't have extra money.I'm unemployeed atm,so have become more frugal then ever and intend on continuing to be once I go back to work.
I love the baggie idea.I will be doing this :).I also make my own 'foamey' soap.I bought the original bottle on clearance,but you can get one at the $ store.When it's empty,put in one tablespoon of liquid soap and fill with water.I use dish detergent for the one in the kitchen and softsoap in bathrooms.This will make your soap go so much farther.
We hang dry everything as we don't have a dryer,but I hope to have one by November.It's hard to keep up with the laundry when it rains alot.Thank God for craigslist and Freecycle.
I also use baking soda and vinegar to clean with most of the time,unless I'm getting free or almost free cleaners.
I usually don't use extra detergent for clothes.I use Borax and left the extra dirty stuff soak for awhile.I like the Borax.Really helps to get things clean and takes out a lot of stains.


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