Thursday, September 4, 2008

Want to get great new coupons by next week?

When I started collecting coupons I quickly realized that there was so much more out there for me to add to my stockpile. And my goal quickly became to try to obtain as many coupons as possible from multiple sources. You may call me the "coupon fanatic" but I have saved thousands of dollars with coupons, rebates and deals over the last few years!

One way to get manufacturers coupons in the mail by next week is to contact companies and share your experience or comment about their product. From my experience 90% of the companies will respond back to you with appreciation and will send you some coupons in the mail too. In just a half an hour you can contact enough companies that will send you $15-$20 worth of coupons. Not bad for a 1/2 hour. Don't forget to know your store's coupon doubling policy so you can maximize the coupon's potential. (Example $0.50 coupon for Domino Sugar at Giant or SFW is doubled to $1 off)

Here is a list of online contact forms for some popular companies:



Bumble Bee

Snapple Beverage Company 

The Clorox Company

ActII Popcorn

Del Monte

Domino Sugar




Deer Park


Aunt Jemima

Duncan Hines


Turkey Hill

Sun Maid

Give it a try and Good Luck!

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