Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big Weekend at Rite Aid coming up...

For all of you that plan on sleeping in on Sunday- you might want to think twice...

Rite Aid is offering over 30 Cold & Flu Products Free After Rebate. Products are valued up to $144.20 + all the Manufacturers coupons that you use = a whole lot of great savings!!!

Rite Aid Single Check Rebate Offers Valid 10/12/08- 10/18/08

Nasalflo Neti Pot 10.99
Ayr saline nasal rinse kit 6.99
Pediatric sinus rinse starter kit 4.99
Simply saline sinus kit 6.99
Children's Advil liquid 3.99
Children's throat cooler 2.99
Mentholatum chest rub for kids 2.99
Little colds decongestant plus cough/little noses saline mist 3.99
Theraflu warming relief liquid 3.99
Excedrin express gels 3.99
Simply saline allergy and sinus relief or baby 3.99
Simply saline nasal mist cold formula 4.99
Hyland's cough syrup/ or sniffles n sneezes 3.99
Triaminic cough syrup 3.99
Comtrex cough and cold/ or cold and sinus 3.99
Bee md natural cough drops 2.49
Nexcare cold sore treatment 8.99
Buckley's cough mixture/ or chest congestion 3.99
4 Way nasal spray 3.99
Sucrets throat lozenges 2.99
Chloraseptic max sore throat spay or lozenges 2.99
Zucol coldcare 5.99
Sambucol immune system booster 7.99
Novitra cold sore cream 8.99
Orajel cold sore treatment 6.99
Softlips lip conditioner 2.99
Chapstick true shimmer 1.99
Lizard lips lip balm .99
Lypsyl lypmoisturizer 1.99
Breathe again nasal spray 7.99

More Details on these Free Items...

Learn more about Rite Aid's Single Check Rebate Program...

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