Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free Glade + Gift Card at Target

Here is an amazing deal to get Free Glade products and a Gift Card at Target until 12/15.
Buy: Any (4) Holiday Scented Glade Products priced at $2.50 each
...includes scented oil candle holders, candle holder refills, gel warmers, gel warmer refills, Glade plugins, Glade plugins refills...
Holiday scents include: Apple Cinnamon, Cinnamon Gingerbread and Glistening Snow.
Use (2) Buy One Get One Free -Printable Coupons here & here. (2 per computer)
Use (2) $2.00 Glade Scented Oil Coupons (tearpads found at Kmart and other supermarkets and also found in the Glade Scented Oil Products )
Pay: only $1.00 + Tax and get a $5.00 Target Gift Card

This deal can be done over and over again (different transactions) since the product contains additional $2.00 coupons that can be used for the next transaction. It can also be done with many other glade products as long as they have a Holiday Scent (see above) and are priced at $2.50.
Check your coupon collection for Glade Coupons that you can also use for this deal.

Glade Printable Coupons:
Buy one Glade Scented Oil Candle Starter Kit, get one FREE!
Buy one Glade PlugIns Gel Warmer, get one FREE!
Save $1.50 on Two Glade Scented Oil Candle Refills


Anonymous said...

went to check it out today - no holiday Glade on the Target shelves in Denver, CO and no promo going on here. I even asked the store manager to make sure. Bummer! I loooove the Glades.....

Anonymous said...

At my target they had the deal, but you also had to purchase a magazine in order to get the deal. Bummer

A Mom with Money Saving Ideas said...

Some stores are reporting that you have to buy Instyle magazine to get the offer, howver others are not. My store was also out of the holiday scented oil candles.

Anonymous said...

I went to target to do the glade deal but the lady took only the bogof coupons and refused to take the 2 $2 coupons I got from the blinkies at kmart. She that that the bogof coupon covered all four items .I am new to this so can u tell me how these bogo coupons work with the 2 $2 coupons. So finally I paid $5.48 oop and got back $5 GC. Also she refused to take the Johnson's buddie coupon saying it was the trial size. She just shouted angrily that I will not take your coupon. It was closing time and there was a line so I was just not in a mood to fight. I just asked her to void the soap.I want to complain abt it to corporate. Do you have any info how to contact target. She is one of the meanest person I have ever come across. She was very very rude.

A Mom with Money Saving Ideas said...

Anonymous #4, I reponded to your post in the Target post for this week 11/2.


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