Sunday, October 26, 2008

K Mart Super Doubles Manufacturers Coupons Again!

K Mart is doubling manufacturers coupons and its finally come to my area. K Mart will double all coupons up to and including $2.00 value. K Mart will not give any overage if the coupon value exceeds the cost of the item. No Internet coupons are accepted but there are some great deals out there and lots of Free stuff.

Here are some great deals I have personally confirmed today:
Prices are valid from Sunday Oct 26 - November 1, 2008

Endust $3.69, use $2.00 MFQ/doubled = Free
Resolve High Traffic Carpet Cleaner $4.99, use $2.00 MFQ/doubled= Free
Gillette Shampoo & Conditioner sale $3.50, use $2.00 MFQ (P&G)/doubled= Free
Suave Shampoo/ Conditioner 30 oz (large size) $1.49, use $1.00 MFQ/doubled= Free
Suave Body Wash (most varieties) $2.19, use $1.00 MFQ/doubled= $0.19
Johnson's Buddies Soap Bar $0.99, buy (3), use $3/3 MFQ= Free
Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner $3.50, use $1.00 MFQ/doubled= $1.50
Head and Shoulders $3.50, use $1.00 MFQ/doubled= $1.50
Sunsilk Shampoo Travel size $0.99, use $1.00 MFQ (came with free sample in mail)= Free
Kotex Lightdays 18 ct $1.29, use $1.00 MFQ/doubled= Free
Mitchum Deodorant $2.00, $0.75 MFQ/doubled= $0.50
Tums Smoothies 12 ct $1.99, use $1.00 MFQ/doubled= Free
Tylenol trial size (8) ct $0.99, use $1.00 MFQ= Free
Crest Toothpaste 8.2 oz $2.50, use 41.00 MFQ/doubled= $0.50
Colgate Total Toothpaste $2.50, use $1.50 MFQ( Sept All You)/doubled= Free
Purex Fabric Softener 128 oz sale $3.00, use $1.00 MFQ/doubled= $1.00
Powerade sale $1.00, buy (4), use $1.00/4 peelie/doubled= 4/$2 or $0.50 each
Hunts Snackpack Pudding 4 ct $1.00, buy (2), use $0.75/2 MFQ (Sept All You)= 2 for $0.50

See Additional Deals from The Deal Lady.

Find out how to get Sundance Tea and Almay Makeup for Free too from Common Sense with Money.

***If you have any additional deals you find please post in the comment section so we can help others get them too, Thank You!


avtcoach said...

I am new to your site and my you provide terrific information. On my blog I feature on Monday's "Three Sites to See". This Monday your site is featured. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

A Mom with Money Saving Ideas said...

Thank you very much, its always nice to hear such feedback, it keeps me going :)!!!

Anonymous said...

my kmart in co wont give you free items during double cpn days.
if a product is $1.99 and you have a cpn for $1 - Kmart will only give you $1 off (and not double it because then they would have to give you 1cent) The amount of the doubled cpn cannot exceed the purchase price. Very annoying - especially if you are buying several items. I'm not going back since I can't get any free items


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