Sunday, October 19, 2008

New! Get Loreal Revitalift+ More Free after Rebate at Walgreens until Oct 25!

Loreal Revitalift Anti Wrinkle Concentrate 1 oz is on sale at Walgreen's this week (Oct 19-25 ) for 16.49. According to Common Sense with Money this item is Free after Rebate for the month of Oct (until Oct 25th). This item is #47 on October Easysaver Rebate List. This item will not show up when you log in to your account but will appear in your account only when you have entered your receipt number and your account has been updated. This has been confirmed by Walgreen's and although you may have gotten this product Free after Rebate in the month of September, you can still qualify for October.

Here's an even better deal:
This week (Oct 19-25) Walgreen's has a special:
Buy: Loreal Revitalift Anti Wrinkle Concentrate for $16.49 &
Get: Loreal Advanced Revitalift Eye or Night Cream FREE ($16.49 value)

Best Deal ever:
Buy: (2) products mentioned above and use (2) $2.00 Walgreen's /Loreal Manufacturer's Coupons (Red Plum 10/5) and spend $16.49- $4.00= $12.49 Out of Pocket.
Then: Submit for #47 Loreal Revitalift Free after Rebate and get $16.49
Profit: $4.00

Get Loreal Revitalift & Loreal Revitalift Night Cream for Free + $4.00 Profit
= Savings of $32.88


Anonymous said...

this is great - where can I find the $2 cpn? Did I miss it in the paper?

Anonymous said...

When I pull up the rebate request form there is no #47 on either the paper or electronic. How do you put it in?


Anonymous said...

Stupid me I just finished reading the directions you gave :o


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