Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesdays Tip- Always Check Receipts

Checking your receipt after a purchase can save you lots of money each year. This is something so basic but yet so very important in our saving money lifestyle. Usually, once you catch an error on your receipt (by accident) you will start being more vigilant and careful about checking your receipts in the future. Here are some reasons why you should start checking the receipt:

  • Item on sale did not register the sale price. This is very common and chances are you purchased the item because it was on sale and then end up paying full price if you don't catch this error.
  • Clearance items with a sticker might not ring up the listed price.

  • Item you thought was on sale and purchased was actually not on sale.
  • Additional items may have been rung up when you only purchased one.

  • Coupons you used might not have been scanned or deducted.

My Tip: Although my eyes are on the cash register when they are scanning the items I am buying, I always check the receipt after my transaction is complete to make sure its is correct. I move to the side and spend an extra minute or two reviewing the details. When I am in CVS or Walgreen's I also make sure I received the correct amount of ECB (Extra Cash Back) or RR (Register Rewards) that I had expected. It is much easier to go back to the cashier if you discover an error and get it fixed rather than making an additional trip to the store next time. You are also more likely to get the error corrected rather than dispute the charges one week later.

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