Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday's Tip- Why I love Ziploc Bags

Ziploc Bags are amazing since they can be used for so many things and most importantly they are reusable. They come in many sizes and strengths and are used in so many areas of our life.

Some things I use Ziploc Bags for: Besides for the usual storage of basic foods and perishables I use them for other things too such as, repackaging meats ( I buy large packs of chicken, etc since they are cheaper and I repackage them to smaller bags according to meals and refreeze them), marinating fish, meats & poultry, I often mix salads with dressing in a Ziploc bag, packing lunches and snacks (only if they really need the Ziploc- I keep Ziploc sandwich bags besides the foldable sandwich bags and have trained "the family" to pack the apple in a non Ziploc bag because it really doesn't need it.), I pack liquid children's medicanes in Ziploc bags when I travel and most of us have probably used the quart size for toiletry carry on items when flying as regulated by the TSA.

Why don't people reuse Ziploc Bags? I have a few theories and some advice for those who don't yet reuse Ziploc Bags.

  • It's Dirty- Ziploc Bags can be washed easily in the sink or in the dishwasher. Allow the bag to dry on the drainboard or racks in the kitchen.

  • Storage- I store my "used bags" in the freezer ( a tip I learned from my Grandma), and separate them according to general sizes (small, med, extra large) and then I roll them up like a log and have it held in place with a rubber band. The freezer serves as an excellent storage place for bags, they never have an odor and can last for months.

  • Not money Conscious - depending on how much Ziploc is incorporated in your lifestyle, it can really add up costing you tens of dollars per month by not reusing the Ziploc Bags. The priciest bags are the quart & gallon size- they cost about $0.25 per bag and are usually used for large bulk items (like breads etc) and are actually the easiest to clean, store and reuse! To all coupon clipping people out there--If you reuse 3- 4 bags per day that is like clipping a $1.00 coupon (you would not pass on that, would you?).

Ziploc Tips:

  • If the bag is not reusable a second time for what you used it originally then use it for the less important items that need require a Ziploc bag such as a small garbage bag for the car.

  • Separate the reusable bags according to condition (dry items, meats, etc).

  • Remember the Zipper Ziploc, Double Ziploc and large sizes are the most costly. Focus on those the most.
    Do you have any great Ziploc Tips or uses? Share it with our Readers....

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