Monday, November 17, 2008

Give yourself the best Saving Money Gift

Entertainment Book 2009

With all the Holiday Shopping going on around us, don't forget to think of yourself and your family this season. Take this opportunity to give yourself the best money saving gift ever, The 2009 Entertainment Book! Don't forget to take advantage of this special offer, save $5 and get Free Shipping.

How does the Entertainment Book Work?

:::Coupons: The book contains thousands of dollars worth of local coupons such as 50% off, B1G1 Free and more that can be used at your local attractions, restaurants, shops, sporting events and more.

::: Membership Card: Each Entertainment Book contains a membership card that can be presented to select restaurants, hotels, car rentals to receive additional savings.

::: Online Savings: Members can log in to and take advantage of members only online deals and exclusive discounts. You can print additional coupons for your favorite restaurants locally and nationwide. Members receive special savings packages for airlines, hotels and car rentals. Also, get cheap tickets for movies, concerts and sporting events.

Why the book pays for itself: Entertainment Books are priced from $20- $40, which includes the $5 discount advertised and get Free shipping. The price of the book varies according to city, for example San Diego is $40 and Chicago is only $20. Using the Entertainment Book for a week's worth of activities can pay for itself (even in the most expensive city- $40).

Sunday: Save $5 at the Museum & Save $20 on Dinner for 2.

Monday: Save $5 on Oil Change, Save $13 in Groceries,

Tuesday: Business Trip-Save $10 on a Rental Car and $4 with carryout Pizza

Wednesday: Save $13 on Greeting Cards and Gift Basket for a Friend and save $6 at the Dry Cleaners.

Thursday: Save $3 developing your photos & Save $10 at the Spa.

Friday: Save $15 at the Amusement Park.

Saturday: Save $10 at the Movies and $15 on Dinner for two.

Total Weekly Savings: $129 (The most expensive Book will pay for itself more than 3 times!)

Browse your local discounts and coupons before buying the book and you will see very real savings and lots of coupons that you can actually use. If you are an active "Couponer" like I am, then this book will come very handy and be very useful.

Remember, think of yourself -this Holiday season and Give Yourself "The Gift of Savings!"

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