Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Travelers- Get Discount Parking at the Airport & more

AAA projects 4.5 million people will be traveling by air this Thanksgiving. Saving money and keeping to a budget can be incorporated when flying. Here are some small but great tips to save some extra cash at the airport. Try to bring snacks & meals (sandwiches etc) to the airport and avoid additional costs by eating out. It's too bad we can't bring our own drinks, but lookout for the vending machines and buy your drinks there. I have personally seen water priced much higher at the gift shops as compared to the vending machines. Avoid the Starbucks priced at $4.00+ per cup and get it on the airplane for free. Weigh your luggage at home to avoid paying overweight fines. This cost is 100% avoidable if you invest in a home scale and weigh your luggage before checking in.

Check out this website and find the absolutely cheapest long term parking at airports nationwide. has so many great features to help you save money when looking for parking at the airport.

  • Website offers direct links to the most inexpensive long term parking (off site) for all 50 states!

  • Print Free Coupons for Long Term Parking!

  • Free reservations at over 130 long term parking locations!

If you have never used off site (not in the airport) parking, then its an absolute must to try it this year. I have found off site parking at multiple airports throughout the country to be very efficient, time saving and of course money saving. Many off site parking locations offer you the newspaper, water, coffee and donuts (or some of those items) when you check in. After checking in the shuttle will pick you & your family (not to mention all the luggage) up directly from your parking spot and will take you straight to the curbside check in area in front of your departing terminal. Returning to your car after your trip is just as easy. Off site long term parking shuttles will frequently drive around the arrival terminal and once flagged down they will drive you straight to your car. It doesn't get any easier than that. Pricing for off site parking can vary and can save you up to 70% compared to on site airport parking. Many off site parking areas throughout the country have additional bonuses and perks to get you to park there, so look out for those offers and use them to save you even more money.

Happy Holidays and Safe Travel!


Filippa Sartini said...

For frequent air travelers, airport parking is a big consideration. In this regard, carefully weigh your options as to the choice between offsite and onsite airport parking. Also, watch out for discount promotions from reputable parking service providers.

Trudi Thorburn said...

Checking out the net can be a great way to find a cheap airport parking space. It will also help you find the nearest one to your airport, which can be good as travelers can have heavy luggage. And even with a shuttle, bringing the luggage can be a hassle when the terminal is far since you will spend too much time loading and unloading all of it.


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