Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Caregivers Marketplace for Rebates

Here is a great rebate program that gives cash back for anyone who gives, gets or needs care. You may think this program is for the elderly only and for products many of us don't use very often. I used to think that way too until I discovered that it can be used for baby products (like Huggies Diapers), personal items and for items we purchase for ourselves. The rebate program is available to anyone that purchases the qualifying products. The products can be purchased at any store with absolutely no restrictions.

Here are some products that qualify for the Caregivers Marketplace Rebates:
$1.00 Rebate for Huggies, Little Swimmers, Pull Ups & Good Nites.
$0.50 Rebate for Cottonelle Flushable Wipes
$1.00 Rebate on most Gold Bond Products
$1.00 Rebate on Cortizone 10
$1.00 Rebate on Nature Made Vitamins
$1.00 Rebate on Oscal
$2.00 Rebate on Ecotrin
$1.00 Rebate on Ensure
& much more. See additional eligible products here.

Here are some basic steps for this program:
  • Enroll in The Caregivers Marketplace Program.
  • Whenever you have purchased (5) eligible products (they do not have to be the same product and do not have to be from the same store, it can be five different products on five different receipts) send in the original receipts (after you have photocopied them and keep the copy in a safe place) with this cashback form to the Caregivers Marketplace.
  • You should receive your cash back rebate in 4-6 weeks.

There is no limit to the amount of money you can request through rebates. This program is so amazing because it can be used on products that you already use coupons for, get ECB (CVS) or RR (Walgreen's) for or even Single Check Rebates (Rite Aid) and can therefor reduce the actual cost of the product so much more.

Learn more about Caregivers Marketplace Rebates.

12/14 Update: Jennifer at The Caregivers Marketplace contacted me and made me aware of some updates. As of January 1, 2009 the following products will be added to the rebate list, Balmex, Kaopectate & Benzodent. The rebate form will also be available online at that time. If you have any further questions fell free to call: (800) 888-0889.

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Jennifer at The Caregivers Marketplace said...

Hi, thanks for posting about our program! I wanted to let you and your readers know we're adding three new brands for 2009 – Balmex, Kaopectate and Benzodent.

The new cash back form will be posted on our Web site beginning January 1st. (

If you ever have any questions for us or thoughts about the program, please call 800-888-0889. We like hearing from our program users!


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