Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New! Load P&G Coupons on your Safeway Card

P&G eSAVER Coupons can now be loaded on your Safeway Club Card. If you are not familiar with e-coupons yet, its time to familiarize yourself with them since it seems to be the "new generation of coupons". E- Coupons are coupons you can load onto your club card after you register with P&G eSAVER. When an item with an e-coupon is purchased, the coupon will automatically be deducted from your bill. There is no need to clip coupons anymore just load the e-coupons onto your card. The e-coupon is like a manufacturers coupon and most stores will not accept a paper manufacturer coupon on the same item, at this time Kroger does accept both e-coupons and paper coupons for the same item. I cannot confirm this since I don't have a Kroger's near me.

This program has been available for some time now, however Safeway is the latest store to be added to this program. The current supermarkets participating in the P&G e SAVER program are Kroger, Ralphs, King Soopers, Fry's, Smith's, Dillons, QFC, JayC, City Market, Safeway, Randall's, Tom Thumb, Carr's, Vons, Genuardi's, Dominick's and Pavilions.
I am so excited to start this program since this is the first store in my area (Baltimore Metro) that offers any kind of e-coupons. I have never used them before and will post about my first experience very soon. Here is a list of the current e-coupons available on the P&G eSAVER website that can be loaded onto your Safeway card: (All coupons expire December 31, 2008)

::: Buy 1 COVER GIRL get 1 COVER GIRL free, Buy ONE Mascara, Get ONE Free
::: Save $3.00 on GILLETTE DISPOSABLES, On Any ONE Mach 3, Sensor 3 or CustomPlus 3 Disposables
::: Save $3.00 on GILLETTE DISPOSABLES, On Any ONE Venus or Daisy 3 Disposables
::: Save $1.00 on GILLETTE HAIR CARE, On Any ONE Shampoo
::: Save $3.00 on HEAD SHOULDERS, Buy ONE Shampoo, get $3.00 Off ONE Conditioner
::: Save $2.00 on HERBAL ESSENCE, On Any TWO Shampoos, Conditioners or Stylers
::: Save $2.00 on NATURAL INSTINCTS, On Any ONE Hair Color product
::: Buy 1 OLAY BODY WASH get 1 OLAY BODY WASH free, Buy ONE Ribbons Body Wash, Get ONE Free
::: Save $1.00 on OLD SPICE, On Any TWO Antiperspirants or Deodorants
::: Buy 1 PANTENE get 1 PANTENE free, Buy ONE Shampoo OR Conditioner 12.6oz or larger, Get ONE Styler Free
::: Save $0.50 on SECRET, On Any ONE Flawless 2.6oz or larger Fabric and Home
::: Save $0.25 on BOUNTY, On Any ONE towel
::: Save $0.50 on CASCADE, On Any ONE dish detergent
::: Save $0.25 on CHARMIN, On Any ONE 4 pack or larger
::: Save $0.50 on DURACELL, On Any ONE regular pack
::: Save $2.00 on FEBREZE, On Any ONE Candle
::: Save $5.00 on FEBREZE, On any ONE Noticeables Starter Kit
::: Save $1.50 on PAMPERS, On Any ONE Diapers or Pants Jumbo pack or larger
::: Save $0.25 on PAMPERS WIPES, On Any ONE Wipes 40ct or larger
::: Save $2.25 on SWIFFER, On Any ONE Dust & Shine Spray
::: Save $0.50 on TIDE, On Any ONE Liquid
::: Save $1.50 on UNDERJAMS, On Any ONE Underjams Night Wear Health
::: Save $0.50 on ALWAYS LINERS, On Any ONE 34ct or larger
::: Save $1.00 on ALWAYS PADS, On Any ONE Infinity pads 14ct or larger
::: Save $1.00 on CREST, On any ONE paste 4.2oz or larger
::: Save $5.00 on CREST WHITESTRIP, On Any ONE excluding Classic
::: Save $0.75 on FIXODENT, On Any ONE Adhesive 1.2oz or larger
::: Save $3.00 on IAMS, On Any ONE Dog 20lbs or larger or Cat 7lbs or larger
::: Save $0.75 on ORAL-B, On Any ONE Manual Toothbrush
::: Save $5.00 on PRILOSEC, On Any ONE 14ct or larger
::: Save $0.25 on PRINGLES, On Any ONE Medium Can, Minis or Sticks
::: Save $0.50 on TAMPAX, On Any ONE 18ct or larger
::: Save $1.00 on VICKS, On Any ONE product

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Holly said...

Oh, I'm so excited to get to try out e-coupons. I've been hearing about them, but Safeway is the first store in my area to accept them. I just loaded a bunch onto my card and I can't wait to try them out. Let's hope Safeway has some of the P&G stuff on sale soon.


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