Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nice Profit on (2) Olay Regenerist Cleansers

Thanks to Mercedes for posting this moneymaker deal for Olay products. Olay has a new rebate out if you purchase any (2) Olay Regenerist cleansers or moisturizers from 12/14/08-1/14/09.
There is a $5.00 manufacturers coupon from the most recent P&G insert (12/14). The coupon is for $5 off (2) cleansers or (1) moisturizer. The cleansers are the cheapest of all the Regenerist products and will be a moneymaker in most stores. The Regenerist Facial Cleanser and Micro-Exfoliating Wet Cleansing Cloths will qualify as well and they are the cheapest in most places. Print the Olay Rebate form.

Current options for buying the (2) Olay Regenerist Products and breaking even or profiting:
  • Walgreen's - cheapest Olay Regenerist product is Daily Regenerating Cleanser $7.49 (pictured above). Buy (2) at $7.49 = $14.98 - $5.00 MFQ= $9.98 + Tax and get a $15 Rebate from Olay= $5.00 Profit.
    Olay products are on sale from 12/14-12/20 at Walgreens- B1G1 50% off, although the current ad does not state this, Walgreen's employees have said it only includes products priced at $9.99 or more. Since the ad does not officially state this some managers have been able to give customers the second item for half off. If you are able to swing this deal then you can profit $8.76.
  • CVS - Some CVS stores have the Regenerist products on clearance= Price Varies.
  • Rite Aid - will have all Olay products on sale B1G1 50% off from 12/28-1/3/09.
  • Walmart - has the exfoliating clothes & cleanser priced at $6.12. Buy (2) for $12.14 - $5.00 MFQ= $7.14 and get back $15.00 = $8.02 Profit
  • Safeway - currently has the cleansers on sale for $5.99 (not sure for how long it will be on sale). Buy (2) at $11.98 - $5.00 MFQ= $6.98 and get $15 back with the Olay Rebate= $8.02 Profit.
  • Find any other stores with great prices, please let me know.

This product also qualifies for the P&G Rebate (get $120 worth of coupons from P&G when you spend $50 on P&G products). You will need to get (2) receipts when purchasing the Olay products, so you can send one away for each rebate. Here is a post from a fellow Slick Deals member on how to get Walgreen's to print out a second receipt.

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