Friday, December 5, 2008

Taylortown Preview Coupons

On so many occasions I have thought to myself " If only I knew what coupons were in the Sunday Paper then I would wait to buy... etc". Since I discovered the Taylortown Preview website, I am no longer in suspense and have saved so much money.
Especially throughout the week when I get the supermarket fliers and scour through the deals, I will check out Taylortown Preview and decide if its worth to wait until the paper comes out and then do my shopping using the new coupons for items I will buy.
Taylortown Preview also has on file all the coupon listings from up to one year ago, so you can go back and reference any coupon and its expiration date.
Taylortown has saved me lots of money and has made my shopping trips more productive and money saving. Many weeks I buy additional copies of the Sunday paper when they have worthwhile coupons that I use and it is great knowing in advance what the coupons are and if I should buy any additional copies.
See a Preview of this weekend's coupons (12/7/08)

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