Friday, August 8, 2008

Suze Orman- Your Start to Retiremant Savings

Saturday nights at 9:00 PM you will find me watching the Suze Orman Show on CNBC. I love her show!! Suze tells people the real truth they need to know about their money. She has meaningful tips for managing money, investing, debt managment and retiremant planning. Her show is entertaining and always a learning experience for me. Her popular segmant " Can I afford it?" features calls from prospective buyers thinking of making a purchase whether it's a pair of shoes, car, vacation or home addition etc and they show her the numbers and get a stamp of approval or denial.

One of Suze's popular topics is retirememt. She stresses how if you have employer matching 401K or 403B then you must start putting away for retirement now (unless you have major debt) . If your employer matches 50% of your contribution then that is an automatic 50% return on your investment. Now add 30 years to the picture if you start when you are young and that percentage will grow. Consider the employer's contribution as a gauranteed 50% return on your money. Personally when you have these deductions you really won't feel like you are losing money from your paycheck- since its before taxes and you tend to consider it as one of the required paycheck deductions.

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