Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why I started this blog

I have been "in the bussiness of saving money" for years now and decided to share some of my ideas and experiences with anyone out there having the same interests and goals. I am ecstatic when I find an amazing deal that I pay pennies for or even get it for FREE and I come home and show my husband and he is amazed. The thrill of paying very little for a lot is something that you can experience only if you have tried it before (Trust me that feeling keeps me going to try to find the next deal).

Yes, there are so many ways to save money and get great deals out there. Whether you are living with one income, need to save money or actually want to save your hard earned money and make it go even further. My goal in this blog is to share my experiences and ideas as I stumble upon them. I credit my blogging idea to my mentor in money saving ideas from the site I read faithfully every day and love it so much!

I am no expert in this area and have lots to learn, but I will try my best to share my adventures and hope that you will enjoy reading and participating in them!

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