Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10 Easy Steps to Single Check Rebates at Rite Aid

10 Easy Steps to Single Check Rebate (SCR) Program at Rite Aid:
  1. Start by browsing the weekly Rite Aid advertisement for items that have single check rebates. This can be done online too. All monthly rebate deals are also found in the Rebate directory available at all Rite Aid stores.
  2. Prepare a shopping list ( I do that for all my stores) of items you want to buy using the single check rebate system. Rite Aid offers a Printable shopping list online to take to the store with you. This list allows you to see detailed information about the product qualifying for the rebate (exact size, quantity allowed, detailed description, valid dates etc) . Take this list with you to the store.
  3. Make your purchases. Carefully chose the item that is listed. Pay attention to the detailed description of the product. Keep in mind that most similar products do not qualify for the rebate rather it must be the exact item displayed in the rebate directory.
  4. Save your receipt. No receipt= No Rebate! Remember no UPC codes needed.
  5. Submit Rebate online. (It can be done by mail however it takes longer to process, costs more money and in the long run you will cost you more.) First time users on Rite Aid's website will need to register first (it takes 2 minutes). Then click on "Enter Your Receipts". Using your receipt, enter in the information into the corresponding boxes. You can enter as many receipts as you want at this time.
  6. A screen will then appear " Waiting for data from store". This means that Rite Aid will take your receipt info and confirm the purchase with the store to make sure you qualify for the rebate. When they have confirmed the purchase with the store you will be notified via email.
  7. Within the week of submitting the receipt online you will receive an email about your single check rebates. Log in to your account and view the rebate status. Make sure you received credit for all the items you planned on. If not contact them to get the the adjustment.
  8. Rite Aid allows one rebate check to be redeemed per month. So if you are planning more purchases possibly throughout the month, don't request the rebate check just yet. Wait until the end of the month until all the submitted rebates have been processed and request one (large) check. You must request your check within approx. 4 weeks after the end of the month if not it expires and you lose the money. My personal tip is I leave the email I receive from Rite Aid (when they verified my purchases from the store) in my email inbox so that I don't forget to check on it periodically and hopefully will never forget to claim the rebate.
  9. After requesting the rebate check you can expect to receive it in 2 weeks or more. The check is personalized and not enclosed in an envelope. Look out for it. Checks can be used at Rite Aid as cash (you can get change for the check) or can deposited in a bank account just like a regular check.

This may seem complicated but its a very easy program to learn and use. It takes me 2 minutes to log in and enter my receipt info after each shopping trip. Try it and you won't regret it! Still have more questions? Read the FAQ about the Single Check Rebate Program.

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