Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday's Tip- Grocery Shopping Tips

Here are some tips to save money while shopping for groceries. I personally have tried every one of these tips and will strongly advise you to give them a try!

Before Shopping:

  • Check your pantry and fridge to see what you have. (Especially produce)

  • Prepare a menu for the week around what you already have and whats for sale that week.

  • Shop for items BEFORE you run out of them, otherwise you will pay any price to get the item when you need it.

  • Browse the Supermarket flier for sales and specials.

  • Make a shopping list.

  • Make a coupon list.

  • Avoid shopping when hungry.

  • Shop without children (if you can).

While Shopping:

  • Use your shopping list.

  • Know what is a good price to pay for an item. Sale doesn't always mean a good price.

  • Look for sale items and stock up on the things you will need.


  • Compare prices (generic vs brand name & different sizes of packaging)

  • Use store specific savings cards.

  • Buy in season fruit and vegetables.

  • Check for reduced price merchandise (Bread, dairy and produce).

After Shopping:

  • Check your receipt very carefully.

  • Send away for rebates.

  • Return damaged or defective products.

  • Remember what store has low prices for what items.

Coupon Basics:

  • Get a coupon organizer and organize your coupons.

  • Only use coupons on items you would normally buy.

  • Print coupons at home for items on your shopping list.

  • Know your store's coupon doubling policy.

  • Combine coupons with rebates for extra savings.

  • Use Coupons for sale items in stores that will double or triple the coupon value to yield maximum savings!!!

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