Monday, September 29, 2008

Do you have a Grocery Strategy?

Good Question! Since Grocery shopping can be a costly thing and something we do so often, it is a must for every budget conscious family to have a plan on how to achieve success while doing their "grocery shopping".
Here are some of my strategies to tackle the groceries:
  • Know what things are on sale and what to buy. This can be accomplished by reviewing the weekly store advertisements in the Sunday Paper and your local Supermarket fliers too. Things that are on sale don't necessarily mean they are a really good deal. Learn to distinguish the average sale for a really great deal.
  • Know where to shop. This can be accomplished over time. For the beginner it may be a difficult task to learn where the best deals for milk are. But the experienced shopper can definitely become aware of consistent savings within a particular department at a specific store. Example: Walmart has 1/2 gallon milk for about $1.19 compared to $1.99 and above at their competitors.
  • Use all your resources. Combine sales, rebates and coupons for maximum savings. This can take some time for the "coupon newbies" but is a well learned skill that can save hundreds to thousands of dollars over time.

" I have learned over the years not to pay one penny for items such as toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, deodorant, body wash, razors & so much more, but rather to let the drugstores pay me to buy those items. Now, I won't get rich by the $2.00 they paid me to buy the Shampoo but that money will pay for a dozen eggs that I need as well. Therefor my outgoing food/household expense will be lower that month not only because I don't pay for so many items but rather because that will help pay for additional items I need."

TIP: Learn to buy some grocery food items at the drugstore (CVS, Walgreens etc.) when they are on sale, especially when you have ECB (Extra Cash Back) money to burn. Check the flier for sales on items such as coffee, sugar, milk, snack, cereals etc. Look out for store coupons within the flier that you can clip and of course combine them with manufacturers coupons too.

See me use these strategies here, here, here & here.

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JC said...

Thanks a lot for the tips you have shared. I am new to this and am still learning.
I found 1 more deal in walgreens.Just wanted to check if it is right.
= .99


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