Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Super Fresh Savings- Paid $33.39 for all this!

Here is what I bought at Super Fresh today. I saved $47.40 just by using coupons! My total for this transaction was only $33.39. About 95% of these items were on sale and I used coupons for those items too. Some items were on clearance as well. Triple bonus: Super Fresh doubles up to $0.99.
Where did I get all those coupons from?
About 60% came from newspaper inserts,
15% came from magazines or from product samples and additional 25% from contacting manufacturers. Example: I contacted Fresh Express and commented about the salad bags and they mailed me (3) $0.55 off coupons. I saved those coupons to use at a store that will double up to $0.99 (such as Super Fresh) and it gave me savings of $1.10 per salad bag. Now the salad bags were on sale for 1/2 price @ $1.49- $1.10 coupon( $0.55 doubled) = $0.39 for a salad bag!
How did I do this?
I planned my shopping list based on items already on sale and then looked for coupons for those sale items. Example: Nesquick choc. milk on sale for $1.00 and used $1.00/2 coupon and got each one for $0.50. Now, usually I wouldn't buy this product but since it was on sale and I had a coupons, it was worth it.
What other things can I do to get these savings?
Use Bonus card, Club card or store savings card!
Look for clearance items and markdowns throughout the store. Find the clearance item and use a coupon (that will be doubled) to yield maximum savings. Example: Lysol for Kitchen was marked down to $1.39 and I used $0.50 coupon doubled to $1.00 and total paid was $0.39 for the Lysol!
Look for Blinkies, in ad coupons (in the flyer) that you can clip & save. Example: There was a blinkie near the Orange Juice for $2.00 off 2 Tropicana 96 oz. The 96 Oz Tropicana was also on sale for 2/$9 - $2.00/2 coupon= 2/$7.00 or $3.50 for a large Tropicana bottle of juice.
Combine in ad coupons or store coupons with Manufacturers coupons. This will yield maximum savings. Example: Johnson's baby products on sale 2/$6 and in ad coupon $5.00/3 Baby products. I bought 3 Johnson's body wash for $9.00 - $5.00 in ad coupon - $3.00 Johnson's MF Coupon ($3 off when you buy 3 products)= $1.00 for 3 baby items.

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