Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday's Tip- Make a Shopping List

  • Shopping Lists save you time.
  • It controls your spending.
  • It helps you remember what you need.


  • Keep pad & paper in the kitchen. Jot down when you think of something.
  • Check kitchen cabinets and refrigerator before making a list.
  • Plan a weekly menu before making a list
  • Look at newspaper for weekly sales ads.
  • Plan the list based on sales & coupons.
  • Look through your coupons and prepare them with the list.


  • Learn to be flexible with the list when you see other inexpensive things.
  • Learn to compare prices with different size items.
  • Shop at multiple stores to get each store's savings.
  • Bring along a calculator.

Print this Generic Shopping List to help you save money!

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