Monday, October 20, 2008

Confirmed (5) New Free after Rebate items at Walgreens

According to a Easysaver Superviser at Walgreens it is confirmed that Walgreens has added (5) New Free after Rebate Items for the month of October (Expires Oct 25th).
#45 Nivea Bodywash (limit 1)
#46 Lypsyl lip moisturizer (limit 1)
#47 Loreal Advanced Revitalift anti wrinkle concentrate 1 oz (limit 1)
#48 Chemistry hair product (limit 1)
#49 Sports bowl/plush crown pillows - $5 rebate (limit 5)

These items will not show up when you log into your Easysaver account online but rather will be credited to your account when the receipt information is entered and the transaction has been processed. (This info is reliable and many people have already gotten their rebates for these items for the month of October according to A Full Cup Forum.) This is sort of "Raincheck Rebate" for items that were Free after Rebate in September. You can still qualify for all these items even if you had bought them in September.

The prices for these items that have been credited so far:
Nivea- $4.99, Lypsl- up to $2.99, Loreal Revitalift- up to $16.49, Chemistry- up to $7.99.
Keep in mind:
  • There are plenty of coupons out there for some of these products, Nivea ($1 or $2 MFQ), Loreal Revitalift ($2 Walgreens/ Loreal MFQ, $1 Loreal Coupons). It is also reported that the beauty counter checkout at Walgreens has some $1.00 Chemistry coupons available if you ask for them.

  • This week Oct 19-25 , when you buy Loreal Revitalift Anti wrinkle you get another Loreal Revitalift Cream for Free (see my other post for more details).

My Best Advice: Don't Shop Today Wait for the "Double Dipping" Days on Friday & Saturday . High likelyhood of Walgreens having a $/$$ Coupon (like $5/$20, $10/$40 Coupons) available to use for those 2 days. This has happened for a couple of months now. It is well worth the wait and this way you will spend less money OOP and most probably profit too.

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Jamie said...

I hope they have another $/$ coupon this week!! That would be great!


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