Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Power Pump Rewards at Safeway

Safeway has recently started (reinvented) a new Program called Power Pump Rewards - earn gas rewards every time you shop.
How does Power Pump rewards Work?
Spend $100 at Safeway on groceries or any of over 400 gift cards and earn $0.10 off per gallon at the pump. Also earn $0.10 off per gallon with every second prescription you refill. The Power Pump Rewards program allows Safeway customers to apply multiple discounts during a single purchase. So, five rewards for $0.10 per gallon discounts can be redeemed for a single $0.50 per gallon discount. Plus, the discounts roll over month to month and you don’t have to spend $100 in one purchase, as your purchases accumulate as well.
Where can I redeem the Power Pump Rewards?
At Safeway fuel stations only. Find a Safeway fuel station near you here.
Why this is a great Program?
1) Your purchases can accumulate over time and when you reach $100 it will give you a $0.10 off reward and the reward will not expire for 3 months so you can accumulate additional $0.10 off - perhaps to $0.50 off per gallon. (All the accumulated awards can be used for one trip to the pump.)
Do the math: 15 gallons at $3.50 (average today in my area) = $52.50 or 15 gallons x $3.00= $45.00- That's a savings of $7.50 on gas without doing anything- just by shopping at your local grocery store.
2) You can buy over 300 gift cards and accumulate the rewards as well. If you plan on shopping at Home Depot, Toys R Us, Best Buy, Gap etc over the Holiday period (or anytime) just buy the gift card (for yourself to use) and accumulate the rewards even faster.


Anonymous said...

This was very useful for me. I had a 'powerpump' accumulation on my receipt and didn't know what it was!

Kristine said...

Well you can redeem at participating BP stations also...but I tried today and it didn't work. Kind of frustrating. I swiped my Safeway card and the pump said see attendent...I didn't have time, so I just paid regular price and left. There aren't many Safeway fuel stations around Baltimore, so it's kinda tough to use our power pump rewards.

Evad said...

Kristine, I had a similar problem at Arco. It turns out the magnetic stripe must be on the wrong edge of the card so you have to turn the card around before you insert it (opposite of the instruction picture and any other card). Hold card with the magnetic stripe on the bottom but insert it with the opposite edge as shown. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, it seems now only one $.10 off credit can me redeemed at a time. I accumulated 7 of these, but can only get $.10 of per gallon. They expire in a couple of days and I can't fill 7 tanks of gas before then.


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