Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Freebies - for Babies & Children

Free Baby Items
Free Sample of Huggies Supreme Gentle Care and Natural Fit Diapers (from Walmart)
Free Sample of UnderJams (from Underjams Nightwear)
Free Sample of Goodnights Sleep Pants (from Goodnights)
Free Sippy Cup (from Juicy Juice)
Free Nursery Water Bag Tag (from Nursery)
Free Potty Training Kit + $5 in coupons (from Pampers)
Free Playtex Dropins Original Nurser System (from Playtex)

Free Formula Samples
Free Parent's Choice Milk based Infant Formula (from Parent's Choice)
Free Member's Mark Infant Formula (from Member's Mark)

1 comment:

Teddi14 said...

Nice list of freebies. I have a Squidoo lens & a website devoted to legitimate baby & kids freebies I would love for you to visit and add them to your blogroll. and



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