Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm getting very excited for Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

I am getting very excited for the upcoming shopping season and being able to get so many things at really great prices. Last year I was up at about 3:30 AM and was waiting in line in the dark and cold night at stores such as Best Buy, Toys R Us and Kohl's. After that I went to the mall at about 5:45 and it was "hopping"! There were so many people there and it was still dark outside! It was an unbelievable experience and the thrill of finding and getting bargains just kept me going.
Many people just don't like the busy day, long lines and tumult but I say "its worth it". I came home with so many good deals and saved lots of money. The sleep I had given up and the additional "shopping stress" was well worth it. ( I went back to bed at 10:30 AM .)

Some Tips:
Plan your Trip: Look through the ads the day before (or earlier) and make a shopping list and plan on where to go first, second etc. Different stores have different opening times. I was able to be at Kohl's for their opening at 4:00 AM, at Toys R Us at their opening at 5:00 AM etc. This way I was able to get the door buster deals in every store. (Don't shop with a spouse, have the spouse go to one store while you go to another and this way you can get all the deals in both stores.)
Know the layout of the store: If possible, know where the items you plan on purchasing are located. This way when the doors open you can make a run (you will really have to run) for the item and will not have to ask an employee where the item is located. (chances are you won't be able to find an employee immediately.)
Come Early: The best bargains at the best stores will be gone early, there are no rain checks. Getting to the store early and waiting in line will get you a much bigger chance of getting the door buster special.
Dress Warm: Depending on where you live and what the temperature will be for that Friday, you may have to dress really warm. Wear boots, scarf, hat, mittens and lots of layers (as you will shed them as the day goes on.)

***What is Black Friday? Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, where it is the beginning of the traditional Holiday shopping season. Black Friday is not an official holiday, but many employers give the day off to workers, increasing the number of potential shoppers. Many retailers open very early (typically 5 am or even earlier) and offer door buster deals and loss leaders to draw people to their stores. is the #1 source to see all the Black Friday ads early (some available now!). This is a great place to find all the hot bargains and Black Friday related news.

***What is Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday is the Monday immediately following Black Friday, the ceremonial kick-off of the holiday online shopping season in the United States between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. Whereas Black Friday is associated with traditional brick-and-mortar stores, "Cyber Monday" symbolizes a busy day for online retailers. lists all Cyber Monday Hot Deals, sales, coupons codes etc- all in one place.

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