Sunday, November 16, 2008

Get a Gift of Savings- up to $20 from Rite Aid

Rite Aid will be giving out a Gift of Savings this Holiday Season! The more you spend, the more you will receive!
Spend $25 - $50 receive $5 back
Spend $51 - $100 receive $10 back
Spend over $100 receive $20 back

This promotion is valid on all purchases made between November 16, 2008 and December 24, 2008 and receipts must be dates within that time period. This program seems pretty easy if you have mastered the Single Check Rebate Program at Rite Aid. Follow the simple steps and be on your way to receiving this holiday gift from Rite Aid!
  1. Save all your receipts that are dated between 11/16/08 and 12/24/08.
  2. Enter your personal information (if you are new to the Single Check Rebate Program) or log in and enter the codes from the receipts here.
  3. Get a Gift Certificate from Rite Aid mailed to your home. The gift certificate will be mailed after 1/26/09 or sooner if you have submitted the receipts and have spent over $100. The gift certificate will expire 4/30/09.

Now, every program has some rules and fine print. So here are the details to qualify for this gift certificate. Notice that the fine print does not state anything about items bought that qualify for the Single Check Rebate Program too. My assumption would be that you can buy many SCR items and submit for both programs. This way you will get your rebate money back and qualify for the Gift of Savings as well.

Qualified purchase amount is determined before sales tax and excludes the purchase of prescriptions, prescription co-pays, lottery tickets, tobacco, alcohol products, money orders, gift certificates, Rite Aid gift cards, retailer gift cards, prepaid phone cards, prepaid internet and wireless cards, prepaid credit cards, prepaid cards of any type, stamps, licenses, other mailing services, online purchases, and any other items excluded by law.

Learn more about Rite Aid's Single Check Rebate Program and how easy it is to get stuff for Free!

***Don't forget to Save your Receipts***

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K said...

Great info. I love prepaid phone cards ! They're the best!


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