Thursday, November 13, 2008

Save $5 off $20 at Walgreens Nov 14th & 15th

Walgreen's has been quite "slow" for a while. (No major deals and no in store coupons for the last couple of weeks.) But, this week we got lucky! Another Walgreen's Printable Coupon to use on Friday & Saturday, Nov 14th and 15th. Save $5 off $20 purchase or more. Coupon can be printed from the sidebar to the right of this page. (you can only print 2 coupons per computer.) You may also print the coupon directly from the Walgreen's website, this way you can print an unlimited amount of coupons.

Walgreen's has some good baking deals & more on sale this week, check out my earlier post.

If you are new to Walgreen's and want to use this $5/$20 coupon, Learn the basic techniques to saving money at Walgreen's and getting things for Free!

My Scenario: (Just stocking up on some food items, I already went this week for some free items)
(4) Kellogg's Cereals - on sale 4/$10
(2) Sun-Maid Raisins 18 oz- on sale $1.99 x 2= $3.98
(1) Domino Sugar- Regular price $2.99 ?(I think)
(2) Dozen eggs- on sale 2/$3.00
(1) Holiday Pencil (a filler) $0.20
Subtotal: $20.17
Use $5/$20 Walgreen's Printable Coupon
Use (4) $1.00 Kellogg's Printable Coupons
Use (1) Domino Sugar in ad Coupon for $1.99- will deduct $1.00
Use (1) Domino MFQ $0.50
Use (1) Sunmaid MFQ $1.00/2
Total: $8.67 - $2.00 RR (from the Kellogg's)= $6.67 (will use my Walgreen's gift card)

For months now, I have been successful at never laying out any money at Walgreen's. I use the gift card I receive from the previous month's rebate redemption to buy the current month's items on sale, rebates and register rewards deals. I am so thankful to all my money saving mentors out there (too many to list) that have helped me get to this point. Its always a pleasure to come home from shopping at Walgreen's (and other drug stores as well) and show my husband all the free stuff we just got.


Anonymous said...

This senerio won't work. The 5/20 can be taken off when your total is more than $20 AFTER coupons. After coupons you're total is $11. So the 5/20 can't be used.

Anonymous said...

Anon - It really depends on your store. the stores I shop at told me they have to take it off before any other coupons or it won't work and that allows me to not have to spend the $20 after coupons...


A Mom with Money Saving Ideas said...

You are right, it totally depends on the store. The couple of Walgreen's stores near me, will all accept the $/$$ coupon first and then I will give them my RR, in ad coupons, ESR Coupons and MFQ and finally pay the OOP. Although the coupon does state it has to be after all other coupons, many people have been able to use it first.
Good Luck at Walgreens!


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