Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Save with Baby Bucks at Shop Rite

Baby Bucks at Shop Rite is a simple and great way to save money while buying your baby products.

How it works ::: Every time you spend $100 during a Baby Bucks Cycle (3 month cycle), a $10 coupon will print on the bottom of your register receipt. Redeem the $10 coupon with 30 days on any purchase over $50. The coupon can be used to get free baby products of your choice.

Why it's so easy ::: If you are a price club member, then you are automatically enrolled in this savings program. Every time you shop your receipt will let you know how many dollars you have spent towards yours $100 goal and how much more you need to spend to get the $10 Baby Bucks.

How to save even more ::: In order to save the most money, buy those baby items such as diapers, formula only when they are on sale and always use coupons during checkout. This way you will really end up getting the most for your money.

Sign up for Price Plus Card (Shop Rite's savings card)

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